i’m sorry that i couldn’t get to you.


Remember the episode of Zoey 101 Chase texted Zoey he loved her and hER FUCKING PHONE FELL INTO THE FOUNTAIN IM STILL MAD


i’ve never met hugh jackman but i trust him.


Happy birthday, Harry James Potter! July 31, 1980


you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly


'four years of this shit. four years of trying to create a compelling character out of nothing and all i'm asked is about the character's love life or who has the best abs for thezillionth time. i should have jumped ship with crystal.'

But where to put you?


[Radcliffe] will make a cameo in the new Judd Apatow comedy “Trainwreck,” in which he plays himself in a movie-within-a-movie called “The Dog Walker.” Apatow pitched Radcliffe the idea in his Broadway dressing room, and he was game. “I’ve never done a movie without a script in my life,” he says. x

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson pose backstage after the Christian Dior show on July 7, 2014 in Paris, France.

Accent à droite, bitch!

spelled "center" wrong. unfollowed. (asked by swallowsemenforchrist)